Thursday, April 30, 2009

Collaboration: Kulintang Art, Inc. - KULARTS

Alleluia Panis and Dianne Que are the main outfit in KULARTS. An strong effort to present the indigenous, and the post-modern works in Filipino cultural productions, KULARTS is one of the few organizations in the nation that has a sustained and distinct presence in propegating comforting AND challenging facets of Filipino expression.

In addition to running the seasonal POMO shows, KULARTS often collaborates with Galing Bata of the Filipino Education Center and Bessie Carmichael Campus in the SoMa to teach SoMa youth ways to express and articulate.

Below is my fly-on-the-wall experience in a day of their summer program last year.

I've been working with them this year in a pilot project funded by the California Council for Humanities - California Stories initiative. The CCH is another solid group that has shown support to various humanities-based organizations and supporting efforts to document the narratives that are glossed over my mainstream media.

We'll be having a test screening, open to the public of projects-in-works on May 15, 2009 at the Bayanihan Community Center on 6th Street and Mission. Our final screening will be on June 6, 2009.

Happy New Year... a belated post

Holy cow, how long has it been?!

I've only been on a soft hiatus.

In the interim of publishing I've been trying to get new collaborations going, new connections established, maintaining relationships, and repairing strained ones - all with varying degrees of success.

There's a long list on paper of items in the queue to be blogged about...

Thanks for re-joining me.