Friday, June 20, 2008

On The Table: San Francisco's Eastern Neighborhood Plan

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SOMCAN's current campaign addresses the diversity of the projects in the planning pipeline, and making sure that the Planning Commission tread carefully and responsibly when approving a plan to go before the Board of Supervisors.

The campaign title is ENACT, which stands for Eastern Neighborhoods Action Community Team. They've organized around a platform that responds to residential needs, established on a ground-up approach to topography (as opposed to top-down; looking down at a map) from daily walk-abouts, needs assessments with youth, to census/survey analysis.

ENACT responds to bureaucratic jargon, which is a language that is arguably manipulative, misleading, and uncommitted. If you peep the informational website, things are that suspect are not necessarily the numbers but the qualities of a neighborhood and what determines the 'vitality' of the neighborhood.

Achieving 'Balance' is what the plan calls for, but does such a concept integrate equity? Responsibility? Integration? The vitality the city calls for hopefully aligns with human personality, and not necessarily economic stimulus.

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