Friday, June 20, 2008

Who I'm Working With: SOMCAN

Located on Mission St., on the 2nd floor of a mixed-use building is a small office overflowing with the markings of movement.

A cross section of SF's grassroots housing and community development history adorn the walls: Posters with minimal and effective design to call for community support and responsible planning in Rincon to candid shots of collaborators from all sectors sit next to one another. The walls weighted with narratives that don't need an interpreter...

Binders clearly marked with campaign names - acronyms that effectively simplify and impact those involved, stacks of paper documenting anything from drafts of informational pamphlets to phone lists add weight to a desk already occupied with computers, and snacks for the next meeting.

The hum of the copier machine accompanies the conversation in the main lobby, green room, what have you - a committee meeting describing next steps in a solid coalition, laughter breaks the air of monotony as a result of the heat and the consistent work that never ends. It's necessary to smile in this work...

Large posters on plywood are painted with earthy tones of red, green, brown - perhaps to illustrate humility, pride, accessibility... the palette revealing careful thought to complement an equally effective typeface that reveals the very real and very basic need that SOMCAN addresses:


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